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Episode 117 – Soul Winning

    The Lord’s church needs soul winners. They’re needed in the pulpit, in the home, in the office, the store, the shop, and the school room. The church that loves the most and does... Read More
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Episode 116 – The Dangers of Drifting

    What is the chief danger to all members of the church? The divine answer is found in the word, “drift.” The danger in drifting away from the pathway of duty and safety should... Read More
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Episode 115 – What Is God Like?

  The apostle Paul’s experience in Athens is so much like our experience in the 21st century. The Athenians not only had no idea who God was…but according to Acts 17:22-23, they had even built... Read More


Worship or Play Church?

by Dan Jenkins   I will never forget that cottonwood tree just outside the back door of the house I lived in for my entire childhood. It was where we built our treehouse and where…

The Perfect Example of Evangelism

by Sam Willcut Jesus not only preached to masses of people throughout His ministry here on earth, but He also knew the importance of teaching the individual. In seeing Him as the perfect example of…

Are We Drifting?

by J. Noel Merideth J. D. Tant, a famous Texas preacher of times past, would often end his articles by saying “Don’t forget, brethren, we are drifting.” He voiced his alarm as to the drift…

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